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Inspirational Story - The Strength of a Mother - Story by Braedon

Inspirational Story - The Strength of a Mother - Story by Braedon
My Mother has always been a key role model in my life; she has always had a large impact on me and on my outlook on life. She has taught me that a positive mindset is the greatest tool in life. It is one thing to be in a positive state of mind when things are going well, but it is another to stay positive during tough times. When you can be kind and love yourself, you will be able to share the wealth of kindness to others. This is the blueprint you need to overcome the dark hours.
In my mother’s life she has truly had to overcome obstacles. In her early 20’s she lost both her parents to cancer. During this time, she had to be the caregiver to her younger siblings and work multiple jobs to help provide for her family. Still to this day, her siblings look to her as the matriarch of the family. She took on the mother figure role before having a family of her own.
After pausing her secondary education to care for her sick mother, she decided to return to school while being pregnant and raising young children. It was her resilience, drive and determination that allowed her to complete her university education while being a new mom. My mom decided to stay home with my siblings and I, providing us a home with warmth and love. My mom was able to participate on school trips and help with endless homework from three children that were all two years apart. She made the choice to stay home, pause her own self aspirations to give us mentorship and caregiving. Amazingly during this time, my mom also started her own nutrition counselling business, providing assistance to her clients in our basement while we were at school and taking clients on at a private clinic. Somehow, she was able to be an entrepreneur, caregiver, mother, sister, wife, and friend, and was able to always put her best foot forward.
My mom’s devotion to personal growth, life-long learning and education never wavered. She became a night school teacher at Centennial College when we were in elementary school. Through hard work and dedication, she went on to full-time teaching, program coordinator, Chair of the Health and Science Department, and finally to the acting Dean of the College. Her journey has been an amazing one of hard work and determination. She has accomplished so much on her own merit, never asking for accolades. She always put her family first, and for that we are so grateful. The role of mother while balancing a full-time career is nothing short of amazing. She is now retired but her work is not done. She is presently working towards her PhD, while continuing to be an amazing mother and grandmother. The strength of my mother, truly a strong woman, is remarkable.