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Women Celebrating Women - Eugenia's Story

Women Celebrating Women - Eugenia's Story


By Eugenia

 At age 49, I fulfilled my life long dream, which I thought was no longer attainable. My path to becoming a teacher was not a conventional one. I took a leap of faith when five years earlier, I applied and was accepted as a mature student for the Concurrent Education Program at York.

I resigned from a well paying, management role in corporate Canada, sold my home, and temporarily moved into my mom's home with my family.  

With the unwaivering support of my husband and my daughters, I immersed myself into my studies and did not have much of a social life for five years, but I absolutely loved my experience at York. My youngest daughter, who was finishing up her degree at York, and my new nineteen year old university friends helped me navigate my way through York's systems and processes. But I also ensured that I was successful by accessing resources, becoming a volunteer at the mature student's office, and eventually working part time as a mentor to help at risk students at York.

People have told me that they admire me and wish they too could have had the courage to change their lives around. Here's what I respond. I didn't wake up one day at age 44 and think, "Now is the time to follow my dream."  Although I had a very successful career in Corporate Canada, my authentic self had been slowly suffocating so I had to help it breathe again for my well being!