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Women Celebrating Women - Tanya's Story

Women Celebrating Women - Tanya's Story

By Tanya

One thing that has always been my foundation is positive energy. I am a guardian of this power as it is something that needs to be spread like wildfire. Ive learned that you need to be conscious of overpowering those negative forces and energy that is cast out by others. The greatest enemy to positive energy is our own thoughts, and self-doubt. I am very guilty of doubting my own value, and yet, I have a different lens when looking at others and their incredible gifts.

I’m learning that we have to use that same lens we use for others, and push ourselves to look through it at ourselves. We cannot allow our own self-doubt to cloud our vision of ourselves. With each setback or disappointment, or perhaps a meeting that goes wrong, we use these experiences to make ourselves believe we are not enough.

I’m still learning. I’m still pushing myself to know that I am enough. That I offer unique value. These are the affirmations I use now as self-talk when my gremlins creep in. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t go back to the words that those closest have shared with me to remind me of my light—through their lens of me.

We must continue to share our gratitude and admiration for others whenever we see it. By spreading genuine positive energy, sharing positive feedback or even just giving a compliment to another—we can allow others to rise up and feel their own self-worth. So let’s continue to lift each other up—and at the same time, be kind to ourselves.