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Known as the wisdom stone, each colour possesses its own wisdom. It is used for calming the mind and bringing peace of mind and serenity. It is the perfect restorative stone balancing the body and mind.

Black – protective and centering, it promotes confidence in one’s own intuition. Powerful for pain relief and repelling you from the stress and anger of others towards you.

Blue – the seeker of spiritual truth and is associated with love and purity.

Green – improves both inner and outer vision. It inspires loyalty, fidelity and integrity whilst enhancing compassion and understanding.

Pink – helps you master emotions and clears emotional blockage. It acts as a magnet to draw in everything you need to evolve.

Purple – stimulates visionary qualities. It acts as a calming power for unstable emotions and awakens your spirituality.

White – a pure energy flow. A protective stone that removes obstacles to the spiritual path.

Yellow – attracts wealth to the home. It stimulates the intellect and improves overall focus so that the bigger picture is seen.