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Women Celebrating Women by Vicki

Women Celebrating Women by Vicki

Mother Never Stops Fighting 

Karen had just celebrated her son’s 21st birthday—nine days later, she was preparing for his funeral. Her son was struck by an impaired driver while crossing the street. He was on life support before he died in hospital two days later. Karen made the powerful decision to donate his organs to save another life. She continued to work and care for her 3 other children.  

Since the death of her son, she has played a significant role with MADD to prevent the needless death of other victims from impaired drivers. “This is the most devastating thing our family has had to endure and the pain never goes away.” Over the last 10 years, Karen has shown vulnerability and shares her story with the hope that it prevents another needless death, she has been advocating for impaired driving prevention since her son’s death. She also sits on the Community Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee, which aims to help the city’s residents develop a better relationship with alcohol. 

Through the devastation and loss, she has found the courage to keep fighting, in her son’s memory. She is an amazing woman.